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Kasteel de Haar, Netherlands

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Hello, welcome to my blog!

Writing has always been one of my loves in life, I adore scribbling down the ideas and thoughts running through my head. As a History and History of Art graduate from the University of York, I was lucky enough to channel that passion through writing about a whole range of exciting historical topics throughout my degree. However, I’ve always felt this doesn’t allow me much expression, holding back my more creative side in favour of more academically written pieces. This blog is going to be that missing element.

The focus is going to still be what I’m passionate about, heritage and art, however, I want the posts to feel free and more opinionated. I am based in Suffolk, so many posts will feature from around the area, as well as documenting my adventures further afield. I also want this to be a place to record my experiences, working and volunteering in the art and heritage world.

I’m also currently looking forward to starting a Masters in Building History at the University of Cambridge and a temporary job at Purcell so can’t wait to share more about those on the blog when I start.

Do leave comments of post suggests below!

All opinions and photos are my own unless stated.

Emma rasp

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  1. Thank you for the follow on my blog Emma, and I will be watching yours as well. It looks very interesting.

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    1. Thank you very much! Yours looks great too, looking forward to more posts! ☺️

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